Dreams are a way for the unconscious to communicate with us through symbols and metaphors.

ilustration Rosario de Gregorio

I met Rosario on the first day of school many many years ago, our whole lives together… At school, summers, and weekends Discovering life together and becoming the people we are now.

And from that day until today, we are still together, well many kilometers apart, but everything is how together you can be. I don’t know exactly what brought us together when we were 4 years old, destiny and luck without a doubt, and here we are…

We have always gone through life together, helping each other,

Our children, our careers, I remember
when he decided to go to Rochester, New York,
to study more and more about psychology. And I flew to
convince him to change the decoration of the house… and it is even more than a house…
I’ve always had an OCD with that.

Since we were little, we had each other to
advise us and listen to us and Rose
turned that into her passion and her work, and I
turned my passion for travel, decoration,
creativity, receiving, and sharing into mine. And
here we are many years later together,
impossible more despite the kilometers.

When Cristine Bedfor opened, she flew, crossed the Atlantic Ocean and she almost premiered it, because she wanted to experience and live my dream firsthand.

Because dreaming is indeed free, but fulfilling dreams is the result of effort, work, and being surrounded by people who dream of you and that helps you make them come true and interpret them. Rosario and I dream together!

Cristine Bedfor


Dream interpretation is a field that delves into the corners of our minds. From a psychological perspective, dreams are considered windows to our unconscious, revealing unexpressed desires, fears, and even unresolved conflicts.

The interpretation of dreams
can be found since ancient times and
in different cultures, but it was Freud,
the father of psychoanalysis, with whom
the interpretation of dreams reached
its greatest height.

For psychoanalysis, dreams are
a way for the unconscious to
communicate with us through
symbols and metaphors. Analyzing these
symbols can give us information
about our emotions, and personal relationships
and even help personal

In dream interpretation, each dream is unique to that person and its meaning varies depending on one’s own experiences. It requires careful analysis and understanding of personal context.

Whether you believe in dream interpretation or explore the mysteries of the mind, dreams will continue to captivate and intrigue us, offering us a glimpse into the recesses of our psyche.

The next time you wake up after a
dream, give yourself a moment to consider
ts possible meanings and decipher the secrets of your

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