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Secret Garden

Cristine Bedfor is not only a 21-room house. We love being surrounded by nature, by flowers, water, green and trees. We want to take refuge and experience moments of calmness; we want nature to wrap us up, envelop us and infuse all five senses.

The importance of gardens has been fundamental for centuries. One good example is the hanging gardens of Babylon from the 6th century BC, which stood with residents and helped them experience magical, special moments, recreated dreamt-of places and brought them nearer lost places. Gardens feed the soul, and this is what we’re aiming for at Cristine Bedfor Mahón.

The term “garden” comes from the French; it’s a patch of earth where plant species are cultivated for the pleasure of the senses. Planning this space while being respectful of the local flora and fauna of the region and achieving a perfect symbiosis with the island’s biosphere were our main concerns while planning this dreamt-of space.

It is an oasis of peace where you can rest and disconnect, exercise your soul and body. Taking a little dip or doing exercise in our gym surrounded by such beauty and calm is always a treat.

Having dinner by candlelight is a Mediterranean gift, nourished by and based on local produce, because we take local to utmost. We nurture ourselves from the island both physically and spiritually, from its history, its past and its present. And we extend this to every detail and corner in our Guest House. Mahón inspires us, and our duty is to share it with you.

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