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The Menorca Preservation Fund (MPF) is a Spanish foundation co-founded by Ben Goldsmith and Fani Medina in 2017. Its mission is to promote the socioeconomic development of the island of Menorca, as well as sustainable tourism and a lifestyle that helps preserve the island’s exceptional biosphere reserves.

Since it was founded, the MPF has striven to support projects related to local production. Recent events have only reinforced our belief in the need for a commitment throughout the island to increase the consumption and production of local, sustainable and healthy products.

MPF and Cristine Bedfor are joining forces in the ambitious long-term “Dream Global, Eat Local” project, whose goal is to promote sustainable, healthy local products and consumption on the island. Now more than ever, we should support local producers, farmers and fisheries by promoting their outstanding products and connecting them with consumers. We believe that working with this foundation is the best way to do our part and achieve our goals.


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