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Cristine's friends

“Meet my friends and share my good tips”

Menorca 09/23

Cristine's shopping route
in Menorca

Visit the best shops in Menorca with Cristine Bedfor. Cristine is always looking for special places, unique, and above all local and handmade souvenirs. Things that last over time, not just "souvenirs" that end up forgotten.

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Vichi and Cristine 09/23

Vichi (Tembo Store) &
Cristine Bedfor

“The elephant on the island of Menorca ”There are many must-sees in Mahón and Ciutadella, but Tembo is usually one of my first stops. When Tembo reopens its doors, summer begins.

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Mercedes and Cristine 08/23


Behind the facades of hotels, there are thousands of things,great people,andefforts. All thosewho cannot be seen, and who also have thesuperpowerto make themselves almost invisible,but whose maximum power is to make our stay unique and impeccable.

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Table in Cristine's secret garden 07/23


Summer is coming... outdoor meals, vacation time to share and be with friends and family, longafter-meal talks about the divine and the human,andresolutions for September (always full ofgood intentions).

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Cristine Painting in Barbara's tutorial 07/23


A story full of art, aesthetics, a special sensitivity,andthe desire to do things, it's never toolate, and absolutely hit the target.

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The Menorcan recipes of Pau Sintes 07/23

The menu with Menorcan
sobrasada by Pau Sintes

Menorca is an island full of flavors. There are many products that we can find, but sobrassada is perhaps one of the most noteworthy.

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Pau Sintes and Cristine Bedfor 06/23


Pau Sintes Juanico (Alaior, 2000) is responsible for Cristine's kitchen. This young Menorcan is the promise of Menorcan cuisine and Cristine Bedfor bets on him.

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Decoration of our doors 05/2023

Dandelion: the floral designers'project arrives in Menorca

I think the most beautiful thing about Dandelion isthat it is a project born fromthe adult and inspirational passion of wanting to express it through flowers. No one on the team is a florist by profession.

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Dandelion & Cristine Bedfor 05/23

Dandelion &
Cristine Bedfor

Menorca has given me many things and many good people... and flowers have been the common element in this friendship.
One day Javier was walking around the hotel, on the patio accompanying a great friend and client, I sat down to chat with them, and they told me about their intention to conquer Mahón!

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Menorca 04/23

The unmistakable style of
Menorcan architecture

Menorca is the eastern and northernmost island of the Balearic Islands and Spain. It has a large natural port, which has served as a refuge from the north winds and madeit a strategic enclave.

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Susana Gallardo



I always tell you, and especially in this section, why and how our adventure in Menorcabegan. We wanted to share,tocreate a big family, a meeting place. A simple butspecial place to live and get to know Menorca in a unique way.

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Christian Balle, Cristine Bedfor Manager Mahón 03/23


Some time ago, I dreamed of finding a place where I could finally be myself and that meantleavingthe parameters of larger hotels and being able to focus on another concept: boutiquehotels, where I could connect with clients and live the experience more closely.

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Christian Balle and Cristine Bedfor 03/23


We met him in Mahón one winter 4 years ago, we werebuilding our future teamandwe had an interview withChristian. A young local, full of desire, decisive and with manyconcerns. We always saw potential in him, and that he spoke the same language as us.And from the beginning,he internalized our philosophy and our understanding of whatit is tohost. 

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Juan Vives 02/23

The oldest jewelry store in Mahón:
Vives Jewelry Store

My grandfather was the one who opened the jewelry store. He was born on the island in 1900 but at a veryyoung age,he tookhisbrushes and went to Mallorca, where he joined the Pollença school together withpainters such as H. Anglada Camarasa or Tito Cittadini.

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Juan Vives & Cristine Bedfor 02/23

Juan Vives &
Cristine Bedfor

If Cristine likes something , is a place with history, and she discovered it a few meters away from her house in Mahón, at Nou Street, 29, where Vives is located, the oldest jewelry store in Mahón. An emblematic place in the city that has been serving its customers in the same place since the 1920s.

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Slam Diseño and Communication 01/2023


Graphic communication has accompanied us throughout history: cave paintings, symbols, writing... A lthough everything is related and has contributed to graphic design history , it is very difficult to choose a date on which design appears as it is , as we conceive it now.

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Leticia Marañón and Cristine Bedfor 01/2023

Cristine Bedfor &
Leticia Marañón

The thousand Cristine Bedfor designs have someone very special behind them. Leticia studied design in New York, at the prestigious Parsons design school... her first internship was at Estudio Juan Gatti, and years later she worked at Ediciones Siruela.

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Red Cross Mahón 12/22

Red Cross and a
more inclusive society

At Red Cross Mahon we serve people who are in vulnerable situations so that they have the necessary opportunities and resources to participate in economic, social, and cultural life, enjoying a standard of living and well-being.

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Red Cross Mahón 12/22


Cristine Bedfor took a break along the way during the pandemic, like everyone else! They were complicated times that changed our lives and disrupted our plans. But like everything in life, it allowed us to think, stop and move forward in another way. 

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Sita Moll: seeing and understanding horses 12/22


Horses are highly sensitive beings, they can teach us to observe ourselves, who we are and how we relate. It is said that they are our mirrors and so it is, thanks to the fact that they are authentic emotional compasses, expert observers, and exteriorizes of what they see and feel around them.

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Sita Moll and Cristine Bedfor 11/22

Sita Moll &
Cristine Bedfor

Equine ethology is the basis of everything that has to do with the life of horses: domesticating them and their interaction with humans, guaranteeing their physical, emotional, and mental well-being. By studying their behavior and language, a better understanding of these animals can be reached.

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María Escardó – co-owner of Masion Me

Real - Estate Market

According to María escardó (Co-owner of MasionMe), Menorca’s real-estate market currently on the rise and will continue to surge as long as the demand is higher than the supply, as it is now

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María Escardó and Cristine Bedfor 10/22

María Escardó &
Cristine Bedfor

Many people helped us settle in here in Menorca and make our dream a reality. Over recent months I have been presenting each one of them, but I am yet to talk about María Escardó, one of the people who set Cristine Bedfor on course on the island and, more specifically, on Calle Infanta.

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Wine and its history in Menorca 09/22


Vines have been cultivated in Menorca since the Roman Empire and even during the time of the Muslim occupation. During the eighteenth century the island’s wine making reached its peak. After the capture of the island by the British, in 1708.

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Bodegas Binifadet and Cristine Bedfor 09/22

Bodegas Binifadet &
Cristine Bedfor

Everything is ready, we’ve spent more than one year sharing this wonderful experience. Yet we keep improving day after day to ensure that your stay is unique.

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The Cristine Bedfor team 08/22


Everything is ready—we’ve spent more than one year sharing this wonderful experience. Yet we keep improving day after day to ensure that your stay is unique.

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Galería Cayón 7/22


The Galería Cayón on Menorca opened four years ago at number 24, Calle de Sant Roc in Mahon. Its opening exhibition featured the works of the American artist Fred Sandback (considered one of the top representatives of minimal art). In 2019, it hosted exhibitions of Minjung Kim, Yves Klein and Stanley Whitney. And in 2021, after the 2020 hiatus, it went back to full colour with the works of Cruz-Diez.

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The Cayón brothers and Cristine Bedfor 07/22

Cayón Gallery &
Cristine Bedfor

To me, Adolfo and Clemente are the Cayóns. And the Cayóns are art, two brothers who are passionate about art. Their father injected art in their veins, and they have managed to make the most of such a generous gift.

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Els Bots Berguiners 06/22

Els Bots, tradition
and sustainability

The sea and books are my two great passions, especially since I decided to leave the field of law and turn them into my profession.

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Juan Melgar and Cristine Bedfor 06/22


Juan Melgar is a lawyer who is passionate about sailing and has become a nautical bookseller who decided to change his career and take over the helm of the prestigious Robinson Nautical Bookshop of Madrid.

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Valeria Cotoner and Cristine Bedfor 05/22

Valeria Cotoner, a brand
committed to craftsmanship

At Valeria Cotoner we want to protect and promote craftsmanship. All the fabrics in this exclusive collection for Cristine Bedfor are hand-woven on looms

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Valeria Cotoner and Cristine Bedfor 05/22

Valeria Cotoner
& Cristine Bedfor


Valeria Cotoner entered my life some time ago, with her family who brought joy to my life, filling it with flowers. Aquilea has been and is still a great source of floral decorations. 

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Rita Moreno "Vibrato" 04/22


Rita Moreno shares her name with the Puerto Rican actress and singer who won an Oscar for West Side Story, but our Rita is from Barcelona and neither dances nor acts. Instead, she creates, paints and sculpts and fills our souls with beauty.

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Elvira González and Cristine Bedfor 04/22


When we moved to Calle Infanta in the centre of Mahón, the first person to open her doors to us was Elvira González, one of our neighbours. Elvira and her ENCANT gallery at number 20 Calle Infanta is a benchmark in the artistic history of Mahón.

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Max and el divina, excursión en Menorca 03/22


We depart from the wonderful port of Mahon, one of spots in the Mediterranean with the most history and the second largest natural port in the world.

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Max and Cristine Bedfor 03/22

Max, el Divina &
Cristine Bedfor

To really get to know Menorca’s sea, you have to take a boat and sail around its coastline slowly but steadily and discover coves that can only be reached by sea with those views of the island from the water. 

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Nueva York 02/22


Discover the best New York tips hand in hand with Valeria. Valeria Aresti, founder of the gallery Fahrenheit Madrid, introduces us to New York’s most artistic side.

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Valeria Aresti and Cristine Bedfor 02/22


Fahrenheit is a temperature scale based on the one proposed by the Polish physicist of the same name in 1724. Fahrenheit 451 is also a 1953 novel by Ray Bradbury, in which he describes a New York society where reading books is outlawed.

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Laura Cano, 01/2022

The guide to how to get
ready for a journey 

First, you have to be open to any possibility. I love movies, so I always wanted to go to the town where Northern Exposure was set, see Dolly Parton’s amusement park, visit Clint Eastwood’s ranch in Carmel…

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Abe and "Niña Rembrandt " and Cristine Bedfor 01/22


Guests who leave their mark: Abe and "Niña Rembrandt" come to Menorca Years ago, I discovered Abe the Ape while browsing through Instagram and was brought to tears laughing about his stories and the comments. Not only did I meet him, but we became friends, told each other our life stories and shared everything we liked. And that’s how I met Laura Cano, better known as "Niña Rembrandt".

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History of the Christmas Trees 12/2021

History of
the Christmas Trees

There are many theories as to why fir trees fill our houses at Christmastime. One of them dates back to the Celts, who represented every month of the year with a tree, and fir trees were for the month of December.

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Marc and Xavi (Es Bosc) and Cristine Bedfor 12/2021


With the arrival of December comes Christmas carols, turrón nougat, the crèche, excitement, joy, family, gifts and… THE TREE. With its ornaments, lights and verdure, it fills our houses and our hearts.

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Gemma Bes Nutritionist 11/21

Gemma Bes

During the First Yoga Retreat held at Cristine Bedfor Mahón, we were extraordinarily fortunate to welcome the nutritionist Gemma Bes, who has 20 years of experience advising many people on nutritional matters to help them improve their quality of life and prevent diseases.

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Mercedes de la Rosa and Cristine Bedfor 11/21

Mercedes De La Rosa &
Cristine Bedfor

Menorca is an island full of experiences, an island that brings people together and leads you to embark on new paths. Paths where lives cross each other, and mine crossed with Mercedes de la Rosa in Menorca.

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The history of music on Menorca 10/21


Music occupies an important place in the entertainment scene on Menorca, just like traditional festivals, which provide a unique variety of celebrations that help share the local culture and music.

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Ángela Vallés and Cristine Bedfor 10/21

Ángela Vallés &
Cristine bedfor

When I met Àngela, I fell even more in love with Mahón and its peoples. The next day, we met at the doorway of the Teatro Principal of Mahón. I couldn’t exactly imagine what awaited me behind those doors, despite what I had read about this historical building.

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Crafts in Menorca 09/21



Menorca has been the muse and inspiration of countless craftspeople. Its nature, the pace at which the island is perceived, its light, the sea and its peoples make the island a refuge and home for craftspeople from all over the world.

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Blanca Madruga and Cristine Bedfor 09/21

Blanca Madruga &
Cristine Bedfor

Entering Blanca’s studio means entering a state of peace, relaxation and especially beauty.

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Funny plans in Menorca 08/2021

Funny Plans in

Menorca is much more than just the beautiful ocean; there's endless adventure to be had, wild secret coves, Cami de Cavalls, incredible cuisine and culture. Menorca is a special place, and with our help your trip will encapsulate every quality that makes this island unique.

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Javier Ares and Cristine Bedfor 08/21

Javier Ares (Polaris Menorca) &
Cristine Bedfor

Javier is an adventurer, a Galician by birth who set out to see the world when he was 17 years old. He lived as a nomad for 20 years. He has resided alongside remote tribesin the rain forests of Papua New Guinea, climbed mountains on five continents and lived in India searching for the essence of humanity.

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Art in Menorca 07/2021

Art in

Menorca, and more specifically Mahón, has been associated with art and artists for centuries.
Today MAHÓN means ART in all senses. On all its streets you’ll encounter a range of galleries and museums which fill the city with different styles and eras.

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Mar Rescalvo and Cristine Bedfor 07/2021

Mar Rescalvo &
Cristine Bedfor

Mar is a true friend. We are embarking on our adventures just about simultaneously, and this brings us together. Mar is Menorca, and she’s art, but most importantly she’s Mar, joy and friendship. A clear asset to the island.

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The Port of Mahón 06/2021

History of
the port of Mahón

The Port of Mahón has been the site of conflicts dating back to the second century BC. Located on the east coast of the island of Menorca, it is the largest natural port in the Mediterranean, the second largest in Europe and the fifth largest in the world.

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Luis Alejandre Sintes and Cristine Bedfor 05/2021

Luis alejandre sintes &
Cristine Bedfor

Army General Luis Alejandre Sintes was appointed Chief of Staff in January 2003. Born in Mahón, he began his military career in the Parachute Brigade. From the start, he was destined to fly high!

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A walk along Menorca’s gastronomy 04/2021

How to design the
perfect menu

When we are planning our gastronomic dining options in Menorca, we always ask ourselves a series of questions to make sure we are approaching it properly. Local products are unnegotiables for us, and the influence of cultures is what determines the way we use and treat them, applying techniques and blending flavours.

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Ses forquilles and Cristine Bedfor 04/2021


Cristine Bedfor Menorca is a house where all her friends gather around a table. We share the taste for fine wine, wonderful fish, talking, sharing recipes and chatting around the table.

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Rebecca and Cristine, Menorca 03/21

Rebecca Morris &
Cristine Bedfor

The daughter of two English parents, raised in Menorca, Rebecca Morris’s vocation has always been to help, and since her first job in England at an NGO which brought sport to children with different illnesses or in vulnerable situations.

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Alai and Cristine 02/2021

Alai Zimmermann &
Cristine Bedfor

Cristine Bedfor could not imagine herself without flowers, the garden surrounding the building with its Mediterranean species and the interior brimming with flowers, local flowers that become part of our universe.

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Starting our journey – 01/2021


We want to delight you with the last stretch of the Camí de Cavalls before opening the doors of our hotel Cristine Bedfor.
As many of you know, the Camí de Cavalls is a path stretching 185 kilometres long and running around the island.

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Magda and Cristine 01/2021

Magda Triay &
Cristine Bedfor

Art is around every corner of Menorca. It’s environment, still unas beauty provide the inspiration. The local artist, Magda Triay, exhibited her works from the first time in her hometown in 2013.

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We love being outdoors and we love art. 12/2020

The Best Outdoor
Museums to Visit

We want to fill your lives with unique, singular experiences. We love being outdoors, and we love art, so we couldn’t pass up the chance to recommend these museums, which were designed without walls, because art is infinite. They are avenues surrounded by culture which are sure to fill your soul with sensations.

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Lucía and Cristina at her workshop. 12/2020


Lucía Vallejo, artist, sculptor, and art historian. She is an ARTIST in upper-case letters. Her works are powerful and are sure to move you.

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Cristine Bedfor, a sustainable house. Mahón 11/2020


In 1993, UNESCO declared Menorca a Biosphere Reserve. The Hotel Cristine Bedfor in Mahón is sustainable in the broad sense of the word. One of our convictions is to ensure today’s needs without compromising those of future generations. For this reason, by taking care of every single detail, we at Cristine Bedfor have made every effort to build a sustainable space.

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Ecoalf, Madrid 11/2020


Javier Goyeneche is a true friend, an exemplary entrepreneur, who inspires and motivates us. In 2009, when he embarked on the INCREDIBLE entrepreneurial project of ECOALF.

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Cami de Cavalls Routes 10/2020

Camí de

Menorca is an island with a rich history. In the early 14th century, King James II decided to improve the island’s defences by decreeing that each settler had to have an armoured horse and that a road should be made for the strategic and effective protection of Menorca, a route now known as the Camí de Cavalls or “horse path”.

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Yoga Practice with Pati Galatas 10/2020


Pati Galatas represents everything that Cristine Bedfor admires: perseverance, courage, adventure, constancy... She’s won us over with her teachings, and at Cristine Bedfor we can now say that we’re genuine yogis.

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Places where all five senses come alive 08/20

The Best Gardens In
The Balearic Islands

Outdoor experiences are the ideal way to enjoy what’s left of summer. At Hotel Cristine Bedfor, we adore plants and flowers. Gardens are an important addition to any home, and for a hotel on the leisurely island of Menorca they’re an absolute must.

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Explore nature and stay healthy 08/2020

Best Hiking

Here at Hotel Cristine Bedford, we believe in healthy living and we love to hike, because it’s a pleasant form of exercise with countless benefits: it improves cardiovascular health, reduces bad cholesterol, and even helps you to sleep better. Explore nature on foot, at a slow but steady pace. Take plenty of water, wear comfortable shoes and discover places you’d never see otherwise.

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Good ingredients and love, the perfect recipe 08/2020


A few months ago, Pino and Isa “planted” themselves in the centre of Madrid with a healthy project: an appetising vegan food delivery service. They offer pizzas, tacos, burgers, salads... Most of their suppliers are organic, and you won’t find a trace of animal protein on the menu.

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Cristine and Alvaro, Mallorca 08/20

Álvaro de
la Rosa

Álvaro de la Rosa studied at the San Fernando Academy of Fine Art (Madrid) and Yale University (New Haven, CT). He began his career as a “gardener” in Mallorca more than twenty years ago and has managed to fill our lives with verdant beauty.

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A great dinner party! 06/2020

The Perfect Table
for Summer

The key to a great dinner party is creating the perfect atmosphere.
How? All you need is a chic, sophisticated table, the right guests and, now more than ever, the desire to spend a pleasant evening in the company of friends.

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Spring Break República Dominicana 05/2018


I met Lorenzo many years ago, and it was love at first sight. That young historian with a passion for antiquities introduced me to a world I have yet to leave. When he wisely decided to share his exquisite taste with the rest of the world, I was one of the first to put myself into his hands.

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