21 Rooms & 21 Stories

Every room, the smell, the flowers, the embroidered sheets… are the result of many trips and many experiences that make Cristine Bedfor more than just a place to sleep.
Cristine wants to receive you as you deserve, each object is there for a reason, trying to be part of the room you have always dreamed of.


Filled with charm and details that will make your stay memorable. And you won’t be alone: our team is completely at your service.

Cristine's Doubles

Our own magnificent seven! We planned and designed these seven rooms with green, blue and red so you can share an incredible experience on the island of Mahón.

Cristine’s Terraces

Enjoy the outdoors and the city of Mahón and a bird’s-eye view of our garden. Spaces designed so you can enjoy a unique experience with friends and family.

Cristine's Choice

These spacious rooms give you the extra metres... so you can settle in with all the room you need! Just like our entire house.

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