I have always been very envious of the possibility of capturing an image, of drawing, of retaining a moment, a space, a landscape on paper… Having the ease of recreating something with a few strokes, creating a memory , and turning it into art

Laura suarez de figueroa

The first known use of watercolor in Europe was by the Renaissance painter Rafael Sa nzi o, who in the 15th century painted them on large cardboard, like sketches for tapestries. Also, Albrecht Dürer, in the same century in Germany, used this technique.

The transparency of the colors, depending on the use of water, makes watercolor something very delicate, heterogeneous, romantic … At Cristine Bedfor we always believed that through watercolors and illustrations , our world wou ld be perfectly reflected.


Cristine Bedfor Sevilla
Calle Trajano 22

Looking forward to showing you everything that remains to be described about Cristine Bedfor together!


Cristine Bedfor Málaga
Calle Méndez Núñez 1

Laura became part of our world representing and capturing our dreams, objects, and environments with the help of Marta de La R ica, and both came to stay. Her drawing style and illustration ability are ours and so is her language. We have a lot to tell, and her work is one of our best tools to make you dream through illustrations of our houses, rooms, spaces, and wonderful landsca pes.

Cristine Bedfor

The first time I heard about Cristine Bedfor was at Marta de la Rica’s studio, where I work. Marta told me that she was going to spend a few days in Menorca and was going to stay at the hotel in Mahón. That’s when, out of curiosity, I went to her website, and I remember discovering a worldthat caught my attention. Its unique spaces are full of color and personality, the soul that eachroom and each corner have, the textures and the feeling of being at home

A few years laterthe opportunity arose in the studio to do the project for the new hotel in Malaga, that was when I had the opportunity to delve deeper into Cristine’s wonderful world. To present the project I made some illustrations that explained very well the idea we had and fromthat moment on my direct relationship with Cristine began.

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