Our small but huge artist came into our life a few years ago, but she is part of our family.

Belén studied Fine Arts and Interior Architecture and trained for years, where she especially dedicated herself to Hyperrealism, playing with optical deception that leadsthe viewer to think that what she observes is a photo, when
it was painted.

Her portraits hid something… But her creative process has been
transforming, and evolving, and in a self-taught way she began to “scribble”, as in her school notes, from her childhood, neurological impulses that lead her to the abstract work that she captures on canvases aided by thread
and needle. She begins to knit without knowing where she
is going to take her, mixing geometry and flat colors. She is self-taught and multidisciplinary, she finds it difficult to teach her work, but as soon as she shared it, she made us all very happy…

I visited Belen in her new studio, which is very very Belén. She is full of enthusiasm, ideas, and creativity. She takes notes in an old newspaper, that’s Belén, brilliant! She doesn’t have notebooks…

She begins to knit without knowing where she is going to take her,
mixing geometry and flat colors.

Because she has finally decided to teach, as she says to “test”, I believe she has triumphed
After exhibiting in Madrid a little over a month ago, she has just arrived from New York…

and what she has left!

She is loving, sensitive, and pure sweetness. And from that sweetness and anxiety also arises her work with candy… another creative process that has led him to unite thousands and thousands of candies, which take her back to her childhood, and the first thing she knitted “in sweet” was a blanket from her grandmother that he used to cover herself with.

But with her work “40 kilos
of anxiety” she teaches us
that any material is good
for transmitting emotions.

And with a 1.95 x 2.50 rug, which only took a month to form into a ball to start braiding, a lamp and a table show us this world of “candy”, art, and feelings. Because in her work there is a lot of that, of expressing herself, of therapy, of creativity, and of redirecting those thoughts through her art.

Cristine Bedfor

(*) With the help of archaeologists and Egyptologists, he has ensured that his language pieces are not ephemeral, but rather, through products specially designed for this, these works live forever.

She wants everyday objects, to fill our environment with sweetness, and she gets it.

The best is yet to come, and Cristine Bedfor and Belén Ordovás will experience it together, because that’s what friends are for,
to dream and turn those dreams into reality together.

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