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Production of Denomination of Origin Mahón cheese 12/23

Run by a couple of farmers, Josue Martí y Ester Camps, who are responsible for the well-being of their animals and the production of Denomination of Origin Mahón-Menorca cheese, and classic sausages such as sobrasada (tender and cured), cuixot, botifarró blanc i negre and carn i xulla.

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At the hotel, one of our classic dishes on the menu is the four ages of Mahón cheese, all four from this farm with different curing times. Firstly, the tender one with about two weeks, the semi-cured one from 60 days, the cured one from 150 days, and the aged one from one year of curing. We accompany this table with fig jam (Figat) which is the combination par excellence in the houses of Menorca.


Another of our classic dishes is its grilled sobrasada with crystal bread and honey from the island, a great combination for lovers of this sausage that represents so much of the local product. They have their store on the farm, and it is very pleasant to visit them and see the cows grazing in their habitat, as well as the cheese and sausage drying rooms.

Cristine Bedfor

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  • 450g cream 35%
  • 450g cream cheese
  • 160g sugar
  • 5 free-range eggs
  • 160g semi Santa Catalina cheese (if we want a more powerful cheese flavor you can also make it with cured cheese)


Pour all the ingredients into a blender glass and set to maximum speed until there is a well-emulsified mass. Line a 30cm diameter mold with an oven paper and fill it with the dough. Cook for 28 minutes at 180ºC with the preheated oven. Leave it cool in the refrigerator and serve portioned with the jam of your choice. I recommend the apricot.



This recipe is very simple but when a product is of high quality it requires little handling.

Choose a semi-cured sobrasada (neither very cured nor very tender) and cut it into thick slices without removing the skin so that when cooked it holds the structure and does not fall apart. Iron it or mark it on the grill (it will always be better) and when you take it out, spray it with a good splash of honey.

I recommend the one in Illa de Mel or the one in Dolçamar.


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