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Cayón Gallery &
Cristine Bedfor

Cristine Bedfor y Cayon
Cayón - The cinema

Their father injected art in their veins, and they have managed to make the most of such a generous gift.

Their space in Mahon is as special as they are, a former cinema turned into a gallery that is sure to move you.

It’s a space where what already existed has been left intact, which now hosts and welcomes any artist that the Cayón brothers exhibit.

Cayón - The cinema
Cayon and Cristine Bedfor 2
Cayon and Cristine Bedfor 3

Each exhibition that they set up in this magical space is a treat for the senses. In 2018, they opened the gallery with Fred Sandback. In 2019, they welcomed Yves Klein and Stanley Whitney and filled the former Cines Victoria with colour. They also showed the works of Carlos Cruz-Diez, who left the space and turned Mahon’s crosswalks into true works of art. And this year, after 30 years of not showing his works in Spain, Joel Shapiro is landing on the island with a solid, impressive installation.

Cristine Bedfor

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