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Dandelion: the floral designers'
project arrives in Menorca

Decoration of our doors 05/2023

I think the most beautiful thing about Dandelion is that it is a project born from the adult and inspirational passion of wanting to express it through flowers. No one on the team is a florist by profession: we are a lawyer, a graphic designer, and an industrial designer. This means that all the training we have done over the years has been with genuine dedication and interest, unlike when you study as a youngster, where half of the things you learn don't matter to you.


I am not a florist, nor a floral artist —as many like to say. I am a floral designer. When you compose a bouquet, the flowers become the ingredients of your recipe, but you decide what flavor you want to extract from them: color, shape, volume, size, and texture... each composition is influenced more by one aspect or another. The rest of the mental decisions are those carried out by any designer, in any discipline, there is not much difference.

What is true is that to design with flowers you must have a "margin" since flowers are not stable elements, they are alive; they are never the same and they are very capricious, there are days when they simply decide not to collaborate. That's why they require a flexible mindset, as well as a trained eye: you're always on a tightrope, one step away from being cheesy or tacky.


Finally, let's not underestimate the power of flowers, those great forgotten ones, at dinners, weddings, events, and photo shoots —which are always cut in the budget...


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