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Everything is ready—we’ve spent more than one year sharing this wonderful experience. Yet we keep improving day after day to ensure that your stay is unique.

Les employés de Cristine Bedfor Guest Houses sourient en regardant la caméra avec des pancartes colorées.

The kitchen comes up with the best menu and crafts it with local products, but more importantly with lots of love and passion. They begin the day early so that breakfast is simply perfect and we can all enjoy the first moments of the day with ease, charging our batteries for the thousands of things that Menorca harbours…


Our dining room team don their aprons and excitedly await their first diner, and even the last straggler wanting to eat our famous Coca Club or Pastrami Sandwich later, accompanied by a homemade blackberry jam cocktail with lemon juice, or the traditional Menorcan pomada which our cocktail master makes with passion, not to mention diners coming home tired from a day filled with excitement, who simply want to sit down in our garden and have a quiet dinner while listening to music or the water of the fountains.

Post equipo sala
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Boats, picnics, Camí de Cavalls, gourmet routes, shops, secret passages, unique sunsets, museums and galleries: our Front Desk team knows about everything, absolutely everything.

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Post equipo illa del rei
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The Housekeeping team prepares and tends to each room, paying extreme attention to the details like flowers, chocolate and the endless list of things involved in leaving the room impeccable and prepared for your complete rest.

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We are looking forward to seeing you with real anticipation, because all of this would be meaningless without you and we wouldn’t be able to make our own dreams come true. The entire team at Cristine Bedfor Mahon is awaiting you, ready to work and enjoy so that visiting us infuses you with positive energy that helps you move forward with enthusiasm, the enthusiasm that comes from sharing what you like, which makes us happy and fills us. And what a great privilege it is to transmit that. As I said, everything is ready and we at Cristine Bedfor are looking forward to welcoming you. The city of Mahon and the entire island of Menorca are excitedly anticipating your visit.

Cristine Bedfor

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