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Valeria Aresti &
Cristine Bedfor

Valeria Aresti brings
New Yorks' art to Madrid
Fahrenheit: neither hot nor cold,
artistic warmth

Valeria Aresti & Cristine Bedfor

Fahrenheit is a temperature scale based on the one proposed by the Polish physicist of the same name in 1724. Fahrenheit 451 is also a 1953 novel by Ray Bradbury, in which he describes a New York society where reading books is outlawed. Books are seen as dangerous, because they make people think, analyse and question their life and the world around them, thus stopping them from being happy.

Ray Bradbury Fahrenheit 451 poster

451°F is equivalent to 232.8°C:
‘the temperature at which book paper catches fire and burns’, according to the novel

Valeria Aresti opened her own concept of Fahrenheit in late 2019 at number 8, Calle Justiniano with the aim of establishing two-way contact between the talent of a selection of emerging New York artists and Madrid’s open, receptive and keen interest in avant-garde art. Aside from sharing a name with Bradbury’s novel, Valeria clearly wants us to think, analyse and question (in this case through art, not literature) life and the reality that surrounds us.


Valeria is a trail-blazer, introducing us to new trends and ideas from her space in Madrid. She is also a businesswoman and, of course, a friend. Valeria has a very similar artistic sensibility to Cristine Bedfor; artists such as Tim Wilson, Vera Iliatova and Heidi Hahn unite us and move us.

Fahrenheit Madrid fachada
Valeria Aresti foto retrato

In Menorca she shared her free time with us at our hotel and we showed her our island.

She immersed herself in the local and artistic culture and enjoyed the beaches and the sea, as well as the gastronomy and local flavours, as she explored the island inside out, from Ciutadella to Maó.

As always, sharing is an important link between Cristine Bedfor and her friends.

Cristine Bedfor

Valeria, keep on guiding us! And together we will continue on this journey of discovery.
We look forward to your upcoming Craig Taylor.
exhibition and will see you on 9 February so we can keep learning from you.

Craig Taylor a Monument Confluent
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