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I always tell you, and especially in this section, why and how our adventure in Menorca began. We wanted to share, to create a big family, a meeting place. A simple but special place to live and get to know Menorca in a unique way. And when I laid my first brick on Calle Infanta 19, I also always tell you that everyone turned upside down.

Susana Gallardo and Cristine Bedfor, 04/23

They welcomed us with open arms and without much hug and kiss because it was during COVID times, but the affection was perceived in every gesture. Then I met Susana Gallardo:


Teaching us beautiful things, because she is what she does: SHARE, with capital letters. What she likes she must teach and enjoy with others and for her to cross the path of Cristine Bedfor was absolutely a blessing.

post-susana-gallardo-libro Susana is an entrepreneur, mother, woman, FRIEND, traveler, tireless worker, and she continues to share... what a luck!

This month sees the light of a "must" of good taste and beautiful things, the book “Secret Houses, Living in Menorca”. Where once again she reveals and teaches us her secrets. It opens the doors of some wonderful houses that have never seen the light. 19 houses in 239 pages edited by Rizzoli, a benchmark for good work and with some exceptional photographs by Karel Balas. Susana takes care of the smallest detail, which invites us to tour the entire island, and which shows a selection of houses, chosen with exceptional criteria, which allows us to dive in the most emblematic "SPOTS" of the island.


It will be the first of many, and we are lucky that this scoop is set around our island... but when the others arrive, because Susana doesn't stop..., we will continue teaching others everything she teaches us.


You can find this book at The Corner Shop By Cristine Bedfor in our hotel in Mahón. It is the perfect gift for Menorca lovers. Thank you for everything and for much more. Lucky us!

Cristine Bedfor

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