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Pau Sintes Juanico (Alaior, 2000) is responsible for Cristine's kitchen. This young Menorcan is the promise of Menorcan cuisine and Cristine Bedfor bets on him.

He studied Culinary and Gastronomic Sciences at the University School of Hospitality and Tourism of Barcelona and last November he was proclaimed Best Young Chef in Europe 2022 (after having won the Menorca Young Chef Award 2022 in March held on the island within the Gastronomic Region contest Europe 2022), with a humble and simple dish, but with strong local roots: stuffed aubergine.


He has just landed in Cristine and is on the island again to start the season. Pau is a great ambassador for Menorca, its gastronomy, its culture, and its products. He represents the "slow life" model of life that the island transmits, respecting his times and taking advantage of what nature always gives. He enjoys local products and brings out the best in them.


He enjoys local products and brings out the best in them. We can catch this good work and understand the great Menorcan gastronomy from Cristine's Kitchen, where we will find a great menu designed by Pau together with Ses Forquilles, in which their experience and good work perfectly match the philosophy and values of our house.

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