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Mercedes De La Rosa &
Cristine Bedfor

Menorca is an island full of experiences, an island that brings people together and leads you to embark on new paths. Paths where lives cross each other, and mine crossed with Mercedes de la Rosa in Menorca. A group of common friends celebrating life on a hot August night led me to Mercedes.

Mercedes de la Rosa et Cristine Bedfor assises sur un banc en bois.

I had the immediate sense that she was an old acquaintance who spoke the same language I did. Working together was in the cards, and Mahon was the place.

To Mercedes, yoga is a practice that goes far beyond the mat. It is a life philosophy which helps us to live with more healthfulness, awareness and serenity. When you manage to be consistent and practise regularly, you begin to feel that you bring everything you experience in practice to your life, either consciously or unconsciously.


Usually, the first thing you notice when you begin are the ‘physical’ benefits. Your body is more toned and you gain more flexibility, endurance and strength, yet you also feel it in your life.


You become more resilient and patient, and you naturally connect with nature with the inner strength you have. Your ability to listen increases, and this helps you to understand what you need at all times.

On the other hand, yoga teaches and trains you to live in the present, to understand that what usually causes stress, anxiety and other symptoms associated with these states (insomnia, migraines, stomach aches, back tension, etc.) is living between the past and the future, and this hinders us from living fully. When you practise yoga, you practice full attention through breathing, poses, the here and now, and this lowers the amount of mental noise and stress you experience.

You also notice that your ability to concentrate and your mental clarity increase, and you feel calmer and capable of living the life you have, but in a different way. From a different place. Because the circumstances you are fated to live in are impossible to change, but you can choose how to experience them, and yoga allows you to accept them in order to live more calmly and even positively.

Cristine Bedfor


Here’s hoping we share many plans, practices and experiences, Mercedes. May our paths always be parallel.


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