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Magda Triay &
Cristine Bedfor

Art is around every corner of Menorca. Its environment, stillness and beauty provide the inspiration. Magda Triay exhibited her works for the first time in her hometown, Mercadal, in 2013, and since then she has never stopped regaling us with glimpses at this island in all its magnificence.

Magda and Cristine 01/2021

She has convinced us, and we couldn’t imagine anyone better to present our universe. Her watercolours have been part of our project from the very start.


She captured our essence and has rendered it delicately and colourfully in our small watercolour collection. Magda takes us to the hidden-away spots on the island from the vantage point of Cristine Bedfor. A friendship that is illustrating our present and outlining our future.

Cristine Bedfor
Cristine Bedfor

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