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Galería Cayón-1

Galería Cayón supports art and culture on the island of Menorca

The Galería Cayón on Menorca opened four years ago at number 24, Calle de Sant Roc in Mahon. Its opening exhibition featured the works of the American artist Fred Sandback (considered one of the top representatives of minimal art). In 2019, it hosted exhibitions of Minjung Kim, Yves Klein and Stanley Whitney. And in 2021, after the 2020 hiatus, it went back to full colour with the works of Cruz-Diez.


Fred Sandback broke with the idea that the sculpture should be a solid element and transform it into an ethereal thing, due to the use of acrylic and very thin metallic yarn.

Galería cayón 3 -2019
Galería cayón 4 desktop- Minjung Kim
Galería cayón 4 mobile/a- Minjung Kim
Galería cayón 4 mobile/b- Minjung Kim

Whitney, whose work will appear in Galería Cayón for the first time, has been exploring the possibilities of color for several decades. In Whitney’s recent paintings, color takes center stage with off-kilter geometric areas of color filling his canvases. Klein, another great artist deeply committed to color, shared the idea of color as an autonomous entity.

In conjunction with the Stanley Whitney/Yves Klein exhibit, Galería Cayón is pleased to present a selection of five works by Minjung Kim. This is the artist’s first exhibition in the gallery. Minjung Kim’s education centered on a pursuit of the visual arts, particularly Eastern calligraphy, the key point of departure in the development of her work. 

Galería cayón 6 -
Galería cayón 7 -

 We will find 'Physichromies' (Physicromies) that force the viewer to move to create the work as it moves; 'Chromointerférences' (Chromointerferences) that investigate the chromatic variations when the colors meet; 'Inductions Chromatiques' (Chromatic Inductions) that allow the emergence of colors that are not present in the plane and even a 'Labyrinthe de Transchromie' (Transchromic Labyrinth) in which, hand in hand with his interest in the crucial role of the viewer as an active participant, he puts the viewer’s sense of sight to the test of visualizing and feeling through the color sheets.

Galería cayón 8 -
Galería cayón 9- 2022
Galería cayón 8 -

This year you’ll find works by Joel Shapiro (New York, 1941) in the former Cines Victoria cinema until 27 August. In its main gallery, you’ll find his most recent sculptures, which are dynamic and elegant.  They are large geometric pieces in basic colours (yellow, orange, red and blue) hanging at different heights in the gallery, which is more than 12 metres tall. He has filled this entire historical space with his works. You can also see wooden and bronze sculptures, along with a series of six pastels on paper. Plus, there is a gallery which hosts an encounter between Shapiro’s sculptures and those of the Barcelona-based artist Julio González.

Galería cayón 10

This is Shapiro’s first exhibition in our country since 1990 (when he showed his works at the Valencian Modern Art Institute). However, his works are installed in public venues around Europe, Asia and North America, and they are part of international collections at the Museum of Modern Art of New York, the Whitney Museum of American Art, the Tate Gallery in London and the Centre Georges Pompidou in Paris.

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