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With the arrival of December comes Christmas carols, turrón nougat, the crèche, excitement, joy, family, gifts and… The Tree. With its ornaments, lights and verdure, it fills our houses and our hearts.

Cristine Bedfor avec Marc et Xavi d

Cristine Bedfor is all about flowers, nature and friendship, and they are all together in ES BOSC, our partner in crime with more than 20 years of experience filling our homes with flowers and plants. It is our travelling companion in charge of making our hotel in Mahon a ‘flowery, beautiful’ place.


Marc and Xavi come every week to fill our space with happiness, details and life. Because that’s what flowers are to us.

We’re very excited! This is our first Christmas on the island, and we want it to be special. And we are supporting and working with Es Bosc with this same excitement to make this come true.

We want everything to be perfect and the Christmas lights to shine brightly far beyond it. We want the light to enter our hearts and fill us with joy and excitement.


We hope you like it, and we’re looking forward to seeing you in the light of our Christmas tree
and under our mistletoe, so that the Christmas tradition is carried forward
and to create bonds of lifelong affection.


After all this tradition which originated in Britain in around the second century BC sought to ensure family harmony, and we’re your family and don’t want to miss this opportunity to strengthen our bonds.

Cristine Bedfor

We want to infect you and our friends at Es Bosc with this spirit so you can share it with us, and that’s what we’ve set out to do.


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