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Outils pour l'artisanat et le design. Crayons, pinceaux et papiers.

Graphic communication has accompanied us throughout history: cave paintings, symbols, writing... Although everything is related and has contributed to graphic design history, it is very difficult to choose a date on which design appears as it is, as we conceive it now.


We live in a time where design is everything. Design is involved in all aspects of our lives, in all products, "each product has its personality and soul".

Although new generations have been raised with more visual culture, having fully integrated and recorded design, those of us who dedicate ourselves to the world of design in Spain owe a lot to a group of people who, practically without references and without computer tools, were capable of projecting images of enormous visual power above fashions or trends and with very rudimentary technical means. Leaving us an invaluable legacy born from tourist posters.


From the 1930s in Spain, the cartoonists who stood out used to be hired by commercial firms, passing through the world of advertising and creating iconic brands such as the Tio Pepe bottle (Luis Pérez Solero in 1935 for González- Byass), the Osborne bull (Manolo Prieto in 1960), the creation of the Renfe and Correos brands (developed by José María Cruz Novillo in the 1960s) or the symbol of “ONCE” (Alberto Corazon). This is how, with these professionals putting an image on the products, the advertising of those years has become a cultural heritage.

A good project lies in a good concept and, of course, a good client. Cristine Bedfor for me has been a global experience. Building the brand has not been just the name of a product or getting a group of loyal customers. Building a brand means listening to market needs, understanding them, and responding to them with a good dose of intuition, work, creativity, and patience, which together with the entire Cristine Bedfor team has been an unforgettable challenge!

Text: Leticia Marañón, Founder of Slam Design & Communication

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