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The Best Outdoor
Museums to Visit

We want to fill your lives with unique, singular experiences. We love being outdoors, and we love art, so we couldn’t pass up the chance to recommend these museums, which were designed without walls, because art is infinite.They are avenues surrounded by culture which are sure to fill your soul with sensations.

Collage de photographies en noir et blanc avec de la peinture verte au centre.

One must-see if you’re in northern Spain is the Chillida Leku museum. It is a vast outdoor area with gardens, forests and a remodelled country house where the sculptor Eduardo Chillida left a wonderful sampling of his works. He made large-scale sculptures designed to live outside so he could share his art with as many people as possible. It is a place brimming with history and stories, where you will learn about the artist, his works, his family and his life.

Middelheim Park is a green area in Antwerp which is 30 hectares of nature just 15 minutes from the Cathedral of Our Lady. It is the home to a total of 400 works of art and was built throughout 1900, where you can catch glimpses of artists as important as Henry More, Frantz West, Auguste Rodin and Carle André amidst the trees.


The Fundación Nmac Montenmedio Arte Contemporáneo is a unique space in Spain which forges a dialogue between contemporary art and nature in complete harmony. It is a cultural touchstone in southern Spain which boasts a permanent collection, temporary projects and works on loan. Opened in June 2001, prestigious artists from all over the world have created works in nature. The permanent pieces can be found outdoors and in the different exhibition halls, where you can see photographs and video art. Works by Marina Abramovic, Olafur Eliasson and James Tarrell coexist wonderfully in this spot in southern Spain.


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