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The unmistakable style of Menorcan architecture

Menorca 04/23

Menorca is the eastern and northernmost island of the Balearic Islands and Spain. It has a largenatural port, which has served as a refuge from the north winds and made it a strategic enclave.So differentcultureshave always wanted to own this square. The English were there for 71 yearsand the French for 7, so they left great influences.

Menorcan architecture is on the rise, they usually have squared shapes, thick sea walls,and usewild olive wood. They always face south, with a sloping roof and a holeto collect rainwater, asthey seek to be as sustainable as possible. The old houses always had a well and a stone step forthe lord to ride a horse.


What common denominator do we find in the houses of Menorca?

  • The gardens are always present trying to mix the construction with the nature of Menorca.
  • They stand out for their aesthetic uniqueness.
  • The walls are usually white to catch the sunlight and give space and tranquility.
  • They are looking for open spaces: looking for interior patios and terraces.
  • They use sandstone: especially marés.
  • They install Balearic blinds: dark green guillotines.
  • The railings have a characteristic shape.
  • They surround the fields with ullastres.

In Ciudadela, we find its Arab vestiges since it belonged to the Caliphate of Córdoba for 4 centuries. Where we recognize its past in the layout of its streets, labyrinthine, and a multitude of alleys. There are also porticos, and the bell tower of the Cathedral is the Muslim minaret.

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