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Alai Zimmermann &
Cristine Bedfor

Cristine Bedfor could not imagine herself without flowers, the garden surrounding the building with its Mediterranean species and the interior brimming with flowers, local flowers that become part of our universe, plucked from the fields and brought directly to our house.


Alai Zimmerman was born and grew up in the Menorcan countryside amidst wild olive trees and flowers. She respects, admires and contemplates nature; it is her biggest inspiration, and she uses all its resources and textures to create magic.

With a very special eye towards the Menorcan countryside, a rugged, austere land with its stones, twisted tree trunks and wild plants, Alai uses her finely-tuned radar to meticulously choose the best flowers to create her unique pieces, which are totally handcrafted and local, fitting naturally into our universe. And that’s the way it should be… because Cristine Bedfor is 100% Menorcan.

Cristine Bedfor

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