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Vichi (Tembo Store) &
Cristine Bedfor

Vichi and Cristine 09/23

But the best thing about going to Tembo is chatting with Vichi, with that accent, self-confidence, and charm… He is beyond, affectionate, and fun.

My mornings would be perfect if I put a coffee machine in the store and sat in the two chairs by the door and talked with Vichi about the divine and the human, because that is priceless, and those visits to the Tembo world, which are a must for their selection of products, but they become a must for the soul.


It opened 14 years ago, after being based in the south, between Tarifa and Sotogrande "In 2009 they offered me a place in the Port of Mahón, something very unexpected. I had never been to the island; I didn't know anything or anyone". Vichi, an adventurer. He says that the island trapped him even before he met it. He jumped into the pool, more like the sea, and opened his first store in the Port of Mahón. Now 15 years after his arrival in Menorca, with two stores, one in the center of Mahón and the other in Ciutadella, Tembo is known for making its own designs in hand-woven cotton with which he makes simple, fresh, and timeless dresses, pants, guayaberas, and printed shirts, now also for children.

From his store in Mahón, he monitors the comings and goings of the staff, on their way to the port or shopping at the market, or buying ensaimada and sobrasada at La Mejor.

Tembo means elephant in Swahili, his travels through Kenya and India make his artisan products unique. Tembo little by little became local, growing on the island with strong and safe steps, and making a name for itself in commercial Menorca and in the hearts of Menorca lovers.


The truth is that I miss the Vichi/Tembo tandem during winter, but I also know that they are traveling the world to surprise us every June with their discoveries and designs, so I dedicate myself to missing them with patience, and a lot of enthusiasm, so he can surprise me year after year with all his anecdotes on his return.

Unfortunately, it doesn't have an IG account, nor a miraculous website or phone contact, and as Vichi says "You have to take a trip to Menorca if you want to meet us and see what we do, which is a very good plan!" It certainly is! So, like any excuse, it's a good one.

Cristine Bedfor

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