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“There is no sincerer love than the love for food.” George Bernard Shaw


Ses forquilles verduras

Cristine Bedfor Menorca is a house where all her friends gather around a table. We share the taste for fine wine, wonderful fish, talking, sharing recipes and chatting around the table, staying for hours in the courtyard with the burbling of the fountain, sipping a delicious cocktail or listening to music.


However, this experience has to be unique and local. The product is the key, and the cooking even more so.


When Cristine Bedfor got to know one of the best restaurants in Menorca, Ses Forquilles, she was sure that this friendship was going to be very special and long-lasting.

Ses Forquilles

Ses Forquilles was founded in 2006. Marco and Oriol had been working together for years, but they wanted to take it step further. One based on local products, as Oriol says, local means Menorca, the Mediterranean and, of course, the Balearic Islands. They boast a vivid menu which changes with the market and the season.


Together we have designed a menu for Cristine’s Kitchen in Menorca, a versatile, local and especially extremely rich and special menu. A table laden with details, all of which revolve around and showcase fine cuisine.

In addition to La Cocina de Cristine, Ses Forquilles will soon open a new restaurant in a space that Cristine created and designed especially for them. They will be our “neighbours” whom we can ask for salt, sugar and lots of other things that they uniquely know how to make.

But that’s the future, a future full of surprises, excitement and especially the know-how of Oriol and Marco from Ses Forquilles.


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