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Rita Moreno shares her name with the Puerto Rican actress and singer who won an Oscar for West Side Story, but our Rita is from Barcelona and neither dances nor acts. Instead, she creates, paints and sculpts and fills our souls with beauty. This she does share with her namesake. Rita sang, ‘I want to live in America’ and our Rita would sing ‘I want to live in Menorca’.

Cristine Bedfor

Rita Moreno

Rita Moreno holds a degree in education and was trained in sculpture and ceramics at the Arts and Crafts School of Zaragoza and at the Riba-Roca Painting Studio.

After combining her work as a teacher with her varied artistic pursuits spanning Madrid, Barcelona and Menorca, this Barcelona-born artist moved to the island and definitively chose painting and an exploration of all the possibilities that this discipline offers. The outcome of her curiosity and talent is abstract works which emerge from nature and seem to represent landscapes as she experiments and works with different materials and textures.

The artist’s new exhibition, entitled VIBRATO, opened 8 April of this year and will be on display until 21 May. You can enjoy gazing at Rita’s works while enjoying the generosity of Elvira as she explains them as if they were hers, which they partly are.


Vibrato focuses on colour in its pure state by ratcheting up its intensity and daring to combine the riskiest combinations, as the artist herself says.


Don’t miss the exhibition at number 20 Calle Infanta until 21 May 2022.

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