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Blanca Madruga &
Cristine Bedfor

Entering Blanca’s studio means entering a state of peace, relaxation and especially beauty. Her “orderly disorder” overtakes you and leads you through a process of creation which slowly but surely ends when the piece is made and in search of a new home.

Cristine Bedfor in Blanca Madruga

Blanca Madruga

Very close to the Teatro, just a ten-minute walk from Cristina Bedford Guest Houses Mahón, is the universe of Blanca Madruga. A lawyer by profession, years ago she moved to the island, “to her beloved San Clement”, and there she began working as a hotel manager only to gradually shift her life to the world of ceramics, which is “highly therapeutic”, she says.

With a pottery wheel, a memento of nine years of her life, as her only tool, Blanca, who is by nature restless, undertook this adventure.

She is essentially a happy, generous woman, and especially a craftswoman.

Her pieces convey that love and care with which Blanca works. Unhurried, with a keen sensibility taken to the nth degree, Blanca’s work will win you over.


Entering her refuge in Mahón with her dog Rubia, her mementos hung with incredible taste and delicacy, her plants, her kilns, her pottery wheels, the hammock hanging in a window opening…


It all spirits you away to an imaginary world,
a world imagined by her, which she has brought to fruition.


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