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A few months ago, Pino and Isa “planted ” themselves in the centre of Madrid with a healthy project: an appetising vegan food delivery service. They offer pizzas, tacos, burgers, salads... Most of their suppliers are organic, and you won’t find a trace of animal protein on the menu.

Cristine Bedfor with Pino and Isa sitting on a white staircase.

These two young businesswomen sprouted in my life some time ago. Youthful, bursting with energy and eager to change our eating habits and life cycle. Their healthy original recipes have won me over.

Both have ties to Menorca and understand the importance of using local produce, and together they’ve designed us a fresh salad, ideal for the summer months and loaded with island ingredients: rocket, cucumber and baby radishes grown by Net on the Son Aparets Nou farm, David’s carrots from Sa Torre de’n Quart, onions cultivated by Isidro at Son Terí Nou, and finally a hint of Antoine’s mint from the Binibo farm. All these ingredients (and many more) can be purchased via the Menorcan cooperative Sa Cooperativa des Camps, and we love supporting local producers!


The result is an authentic island salad, a marriage of superb Menorcan produce and expertise, crafted by loving hands and seasoned with the dressing of deep friendship and affection. To us they’re the “Plantarse Girls”, and we’re so glad they’ve put down roots at the Hotel Cristine Bedfor in Menorca.

Cristine Bedfor

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“Fresh and Zesty Salad”

Fresh and Zesty Salad one of my favorite recipes, cucumber and carrot ribbons with mango, spring onion, radishes and roasted cashews on a bed of arugula and Thai sauce dressing with fresh mint and coriander. One of the best fresh and light recipes for summer!!!

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