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Illustration with locations to know what to do in Menorca.

Es Castell, located on the eastern side of the island just 2 kilometres from Mahón, has its own unique light. Thanks to its geographic location, it’s the first town in Spain to see the sunrise.

“The early bird gets the worm.”

If you’re an early bird, we suggest that you watch the sunrise in the port, or perhaps even take out a boat with our friend Max and enjoy this unique moment. An ensaimada, a coffee and the sun tingeing the waters of Mahón’s wonderful port: what more could you want?!

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2. Designing your own bag

This summer we’re going to the beach, the boat, shopping or having a drink with friends. Grab your bag and fill it with sunscreen, sunglasses, a hat, your mobile phone and a good guide to Menorca to make sure you don’t miss anything.

Cristine Bedfor and Ansa per Ansa are suggesting that you make your own bag with typically Balearic fabrics combined any way you want: a bandolier, with two handles, natural or dyed leather, different sizes... What matters is that it’s unique, and it’s made by you, for you.

An hour with Yola at Ansa per Ansa is all we ask of you to make this plan unique and fun.


3. Discovering the stars

In 2019, the Starlight Foundation declared much of Menorca a Starlight Destination, with an added designation as a Starlight Reserve, in recognition of its exceptionally clear skies.

We suggest that you discover our sky, our universe.

We suggest a guided astronomical observation to discover the stars, nebulae and galaxies, to understand how the universe, comets, the Moon and the constellations work and to learn their history.


A magical moment you shouldn’t miss.


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