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Balcony with plants, wooden table and chair.

Menorca’s real-estate market currently on the rise and will continue to surge as long as the demand is higher than the supply, as it is now. All signs point to the fact that the demand will continue to rise for several reasons. Here are the most important ones:

The island is in a strategic location in the Mediterranean and has been coveted as a control base or simply a refuge since ancient times, thanks to its natural ports which are unique in their size, like the Port of Mahon, the second largest in Europe.


Finally, the arrival of the Hauser & Wirth gallery on Isla del Rey, a unique spot in the Port of Mahon, has positioned Menorca as a must-see in the contemporary art world, while also encouraging the launch of other interesting cultural projects.


Text: María Escardó – co-owner of MasionMe

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