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Cristine Bedfor 10/23

Cristine Bedfor began her journey on the island in March 2021 and when we arrived on the island I always tell and never tire of repeating, how lucky, and grateful we felt for their warm welcome. Cristine Bedfor became another Menorcan, passionate about the local holistic culture, in love with its nature, its people, its craftsmanship, and an excellent gastronomy that has grown a lot and is of great quality. It is a place to put down roots, to feed the soul and the body.

In these few years there have been more than notable events that have turned Menorca into a top-of-the-line destination, taking care of the values that are repeated in every corner of Menorca.

And the great recognition last September, Talayotic Menorca became a World Heritage Site, ranked 50th on the UNESCO list in Spain, in recognition of its impressive collection of prehistoric remains.


Clearly, we were not wrong when buying our house in Mahón and choosing a place to share with our friends, not only were we not wrong but we were completely right!
Our cultural concerns are constantly satisfied with galleries as enriching as Hauser & Wirth and its incredible artists: Christina Quarles (2023), Rashid Johnson (2022), and Mark Bradford (2021)


The LÔAC Museum in Alaior that houses an impressive collection of contemporary artworks of artists as internationally recognized as Joan Miró, Miquel Barceló, Marina Abramović, or Antonio Saura among many others, the magnificent exhibitions at the Cayón Gallery (have brought together the following artists in these three years: Miró (2023), Shapiro (2022) and Cruz-Diez (2021)),… Openings of galleries such as Casa Marguo and internationally renowned antique dealers such as Dorian.


Music that feeds our ears, just like everything achieved on a musical level in the Mahón Theatre, Lazareto Festival, the Parisian ballet in Ciudadela, or the Jazz Festival that this year also celebrated its twenty-fifth edition, at Es Cranc or Pedra Viva among others, the concerts at Es Claustre in Mahón... Menorca does not stop, within its respect for the origin, the authentic, and the sustainable, evolves positively and that contributes a lot to us all.


I feel very proud to belong to the idiosyncrasy of the island, to collaborate, and to be a beneficiary of so many good projects.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart and congratulations Menorca!!! For many more successes together.Thank you from the bottom of my heart and congratulations Menorca!!! For many more successes together.

Cristine Bedfor

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