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Mar Rescalvo &
Cristine Bedfor

Mar is Menorca.
Her name says it all (‘Mar’ means sea)
She moved to Mahón two years ago to work
on this ambitious, exciting project:
the new Hauser&Wirth gallery.

Black and white photograph of Mar Rescalvo and Cristine Bedfor talking.

Mar is a true friend. We are embarking on our adventures just about simultaneously, and this brings us together.
Mar is Menorca, and she’s art, but most importantly she’s Mar, joy and friendship. A clear asset to the island.

Mar Rescalvo

She lives in Mercadal and moved to Mahón and Isla del Rey two years ago to work on this ambitious, exciting project: the new Hauser&Wirth gallery.

She has a strong background in art, education and cultural management. She studied music and sociology before joining this thrilling project, among many others around the world, such as serving as the manager of the Symphony Orchestra of the Balearic Islands.

Her musical facet is evident: she is deliberate and measured, and her laughter is like music to the ears. She left from Amsterdam to come to her hometown and now lives in Menorca, where she is overseeing this project in the Port of Mahón with enthusiasm, drive and determination.

Hauser&Wirth is opening its doors this July
to fill Mahón with even more art, if possible.

‘Elogio del vacío VI’ (2000) by Eduardo Chillida ©Zabalaga Leku / Photo: Daniel Schäfer

After working on this project for several years, Mar and her team will share incredible art, fuelled by months and months of hard work and excitement, with all visitors crossing from Mahón to Isla del Rey

Mark Bradford will open this magnificent work of art and share the spotlight with Chillida, Franz West and Louise Bourgeois, along with others.

Hauser & Wirth Menorca on Isla del Rey Photo: Daniel Schäfer
‘Le Père Ubu’ (1974) by Joan Miró © Successió Miró / VEGAP, 2021 / Photo: Daniel Schäfer

Congratulations Hauser&Wirth!
Congratulations Mar Rescalvo!

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