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Luis alejandre sintes &
Cristine Bedfor

Going to Isla del Rey on a Sunday morning means immersing oneself in a world of enthusiasm, dedication, organisation and good works.

Luis Alejandre Sintes and Cristine Bedfor looking at the camera with the sea in the background.

Army General Luis Alejandre Sintes was appointed Chief of Staff in January 2003.

Born in Mahón, he began his military career in the Parachute Brigade. From the start, he was destined to fly high!

Meeting him has been a privilege; his support and unconditional help on our arrival in Mahón goes beyond words.

In 2006, our beloved general promoted the creation of the emblematic Hospital Building on Isla del Rey. 


Since then, he has been the president of the Hospital Isla del Rey Foundation. Over the years, he has been a steadfast and extraordinarily kind leader of an army of volunteers who have turned this eighteenth-century building into a key piece in understanding the history of this wonderful island.


It is a pleasure to enjoy your friendship, General, and as always and for a long time to come:
At your service!


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