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Lucía Vallejo is an A R  T  I S T   in upper-case letters. Her works are powerful and are sure to move you. Colourful and full of volume… her sculptures strikingly fill the space. Her works are associated with the decomposition movement in painting, which expands the canvas and releases it from materiality, thus regaining the expressive potential of its nature as cloth. Lucía Vallejo began by scratching the canvases and soon went on to folding and twisting them, sculpting in the empty space.

Lucía and  Cristina at her workshop. 12/2020

An artist, sculptor and art historian with close ties to Menorca since her childhood, this Bilbao-born artist, brimming with sensibility, loves the island and takes advantage of her long sojourns here to create true works of art.


The Hotel Cristine Bedfor has known her since she was a child, and its walls harbour some of her magnificent pieces. Her limitless creativity is a true honour and treat for each of our senses.

Cristine Bedfor

Lucía Vallejo: Artist, sculptor and art historian

I am thrilled that my works are part of the Hotel Cristine Bedfor art collection. The red piece is a unique oil on canvas from the rose series inspired by Portrait of a Man in a Red Turban, the painting by the artist Jan Van Eyck. The concept behind the fragility of a flower is a reflection on the fragility and fleetingness of life.


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