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I met Lorenzo many years ago, and it was love at first sight. That young historian with a passion for antiquities introduced me to a world I have yet to leave. When he wisely decided to share his exquisite taste with the rest of the world, I was one of the first to put myself into his hands.


And here we are, all these years later, still working together and enjoying every minute. He was the only logical choice to decorate our first hotel project—he never ceases to amaze! And we couldn’t resist the temptation to share so much beauty with all of you.

Here’s to many more years and projects together! Lorenzo, I adore you!

Cristine Bedfor

Lorenzo Castillo, a story full of inspiration

When I plan a project, I always like to imagine a story to use as a guideline for the creative idea at the heart of the work, because it serves as a source of inspiration and an intellectual device. Besides, it is fun to imagine—and I have a very active imagination—the story that might have originated this design.

In the case of the Cristine Bedford hotel there were further reasons that justified my inventiveness: the hotel is a group of old houses in the historic centre of Mahon, the capital of Menorca. Each house has its own past with plenty of stories to tell, but by combining and giving them a fresh start, we wiped the slate clean so that they could tell our own tale.


Then there is Mahon and the island of Menorca, probably the clearest example of a melting pot of cultures and styles from all parts of Spain. An island conquered a thousand times since ancient times and serving different crowns throughout history. This history has marked its streets, its architecture and even its citizens, and was probably what made me fall in love with the island on my very first visit.

When I took on the Cristine project, I found it impossible to ignore all this artistic and historical baggage. My mind was buzzing with ideas that began with a bizarre blend of styles and gave way to interior designs which, without renouncing the Mediterranean freshness and youthful spirit of the Balearic Islands, maintained a certain aesthetic gravity thanks to the use of Spanish, English, French and other antique pieces combined with fun vintage touches against a white backdrop with blue and aqua green accents.

The Cristine Bedford style is international, defying all attempts to classify or situate it, a distinctively bold, eclectic blend that expresses a highly personal concept of beauty. For Cristine loves and lives surrounded by beauty, knowing that it is the key to true happiness.


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