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Leticia Marañón
& Cristine Bedfor 

Cristine Bedfor with Leticia Marañón choosing designs for Cristine Bedfor guest houses Mahón.

Leticia studied design in New York, at the prestigious Parsons design school. Her first internship was at Estudio Juan Gatti, and years later she worked at Ediciones Siruela, developing the cultural magazine "El Paseante" and at Estudio Oscar Mariné, learning and drawing from all of them, to finally embark on his own path in 1998 creating Slam Comunicación.

Leticia has been present at all the important moments: birthday parties, Christmas, and special gifts... helping with her work to communicate and share celebrations, happiness, and emotion.

So, it was clear to me that this life project that is Cristine Bedfor had to go through the hands and head of Leticia Marañon. She has illustrated my life, I have driven her crazy, asking her for a thousand fantasies that she always knows how to capture and synthesize.


Each one in our house, but all working on the same path, which sometimes made us forget about the situation we were experiencing.

Leti is like Job, infinitely patient, slow, and extremely creative. She is always anticipating what I have in my head and delicately and creatively captures my dreams and thoughts.

Many years together, years of friendship to live beyond work experiences. Always close and like many other friends I have introduced, Leticia had to travel with me on this adventure.


We still have work ahead of us, and that makes me feel good, I know that everything we do together will be exciting, ideal, careful, and very, very hard work. Because that's how she is, and Cristine Bedfor is very very Leticia Marañón.

Cristine Bedfor

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