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Javier Goyeneche is a true friend, an exemplary entrepreneur, who inspires and motivates us. In 2009, when he embarked on the Incredible entrepreneurial project of Ecoalf, he staked it on what was clearly our future: sustainability, recycling and responsible consumption, which are the basic, essential ground rules for caring for our world.

Ecoalf, Madrid 11/2020

At the Hotel Cristine Bedfor Menorca, we support this initiative because we believe that it is the only way to work towards a better world. In our hotels, we focus on recycling and being as plastic-free and sustainable as possible. An entrepreneurial project like Ecoalf helps us in this venture by dressing our team from head to toe, because every single detail counts.

Javier, thank you for teaching us what truly matters and for leaving a better world for our future generations, Because There is No Planet B.

Cristine Bedfor

On the Ecoalf entrepreneurial project

Ecoalf, a pioneer in sustainable fashion, was founded with the goal of creating the first generation of recycled products with the same quality, design and technical properties as the top-quality non-recycled products. By doing so, we will show that there is no need to use natural resources in an unbridled fashion. “Where others see rubbish, Ecoalf sees premium raw materials”.

Since 2009, Ecoalf has developed more than 400 recycled fabrics made of recycled plastic bottles, discarded fishing nets, used tyres and post-industrial cotton and wool, recycling a total of more than 200 million plastic bottles and saving more than 40 million litres of water in its last collection of recycled cotton.


Through the Ecoalf Foundation, it launched Upcycling the Oceans. Founded off the coasts of Spain, the foundation helps eliminate marine waste from the ocean floors thanks to the collective efforts of more than 3,000 fishers who are retrieving 500 tonnes of waste. It is a revolutionary project which has expanded to Thailand and continues to spread throughout the entire Mediterranean Sea with the mission of retrieving the rubbish that is destroying our oceans and giving plastic waste a second life through recycling.


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