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Javier Ares (Polaris Menorca) &
Cristine Bedfor

Javier Ares and Cristine Bedfor with a full moon in the background.

Javier is an adventurer, a Galician by birth who set out to see the world when he was 17 years old. He lived as a nomad for 20 years. He has resided alongside remote tribes in the rain forests of Papua New Guinea, climbed mountains on five continents and lived in India searching for the essence of humanity. He has sailed across different oceans and ridden his bicycle across five continents. He is also a yoga teacher, acupuncturist, actor and writer.

Javier Ares

He reached Menorca in 2009 and decided to live on the island, start a family (his greatest adventure of all!) and enjoy the island to the max. He has served as the Regional Minister of the Environment and Biosphere Reserve of the island.

He created Polaris Menorca in 2020 with the idea of making it an extension of his long, varied life course. Clearly, this world isn’t big enough for him, and he is now discovering the universe in the broadest sense of the world. Stars, constellations, planets… a world ready to be discovered by his side on his astronomical observations. Polaris, Javier and the Menorcan sky have been a real discovery for us.

Noche estrellas

Stars, constellations, planets, ... a world to discover from your hand during your astronomical observations.

For us, Polaris, Javier and the sky of Menorca, have been a absolute discovery.

Cristine Bedfor adores adventure, the planet and new destinations anywhere… because Javier will guide us.

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