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Christian Balle, Cristine Bedfor Manager Mahón 03/23

The feeling of making others live personalized experiences and taking care of our guests has been a great asset to go hand in hand along this path.

Some time ago, I dreamed of finding a place where I could finally be myself and that meant leaving the parameters of larger hotels and being able to focus on another concept: boutique hotels, where I could connect with clients and live the experience more closely.

It was a pleasant surprise to get to know Cristine Bedfor's project, which was to become my home in Menorca, and in the city that has seen me grow, Mahón. For a few years, Mahón has been undergoing a very positive change, largely due to projects as special as that of Cristine Bedfor.

When I started, I never imagined that I was going to enjoy my job so much and what it was going to mean for me. Professional and personal growth, and having met such wonderful people along the way, creating lasting and valuable relationships.

Being able to work in Cristine's first guest house, decorated by Lorenzo Castillo, makes me feel privileged. For this reason, every day I try to convey that joy to the rest of the team and to our guests. Fortunate because on the way to find the summum of experiences, I do it accompanied by the best professionals.


I have always thought that when you arrive at a known or unknown destination, you run the risk of some factor altering and disrupting your experience. For this reason, we give it so much importance from the first moment in attending and managing visits, reservations, and experiences in order to find the greatest excellence.

One of our objectives is to be able to seasonally adjust Menorca and achieve greater stability in all areas, since Menorca is beautiful in all its seasons.
celo post-christian-balle-experiencias-ilust-moto

to get up early and stroll through the port of Mahón: the second largest natural port in the world.

Having breakfast in the same port, in Calucha, one of its famous tortilla sandwiches accompanied by my dear dachshund, Scooby, who is a great host with all the pets that visit us at the hotel.


Continue the day on a motorbike traveling through some of its old paths, until reaching the southeast of the island and being able to bathe in any of its wonderful coves with crystal clear water. For me, the most special is Biniparratx cove, which, to access it you must go down a small path with its views as a prize upon arrival.


Enjoy lunch at the Binissafuller Yacht Club, go to the Cavalleria Lighthouse to watch the sunset, and end the day having dinner at my friends Anna and Pepe restaurant, in the historic center of Mahón.

And days like this are the ones that Cristine, our team and I like to organize so much, so that no detail is missing in any of the experiences of our guests.

Text: Christian Balle. Director de Cristine Bedfor Mahón

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