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Summer is coming… outdoor meals, vacation time to share and be with friends and family, long after-meal talks about the divine and the human, and resolutions for September (always full of good intentions).

The sun and the heat arrive together with sunsets, and the mild and eternal nights full of people who sit around a table to enjoy.

Table in Cristine's secret garden 07/23

It requires time and dedication to design or improvise a table, it depends on whether it is inside or outside, it also depends a lot on the menu, whether it is a buffet or served.

We love to mix different tableware, colored and plain, with flowers or drawings, we buy loose plates at flea markets, all different cutlery: old silver and pasta (these are more complicated because they must be washed by hand).


Tablecloths customized by Andrea from Life is a Picnic or by us, collecting large old napkins and embroidering our initials, mixing Murano glasses with Zara Home water glasses or old wine glasses or Ridl glasses, because good wines deserve some good crystals.

A lot of small vases with a flower from the garden in each one, and branches of the trees, a lot of green! The large vases decorate the house, not the table, as they will become vegetable walls between the diners. They look beautiful for decorating the buffet table, in case that plan is organized that way.

Birds and fruit made of porcelain, wood, or brass... also bought in stores all over the world, small glasses with candles and tall silver or crystal chandeliers with candles of different colors that do not drip wax.

The appetizers are on giant boards, with a disorderly order where ham, nuts, bread, and different cheeses are mixed. 


The options are endless, in summer I prefer tables that are less sober, more casual, and full of color, without predestined places or even with a change of place to be able to share a special chat with more people.

Cristine Bedfor

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