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Dandelion & Cristine Bedfor 05/23

One day Javier was walking around the hotel, on the patio accompanying a great friend and client, I sat down to chat with them, and they told me about their intention to conquer Mahón!


Conquer in the good sense of the word because he was conquered. As usually happens to all of us, as soon as he landed on the island he desired to stay there forever, enjoying friends, sunsets, the market, swimming in the sea, endless walks... well, what I always tell you, enjoying so much magic and so much peace.

That conversation at noon went a long way, we connected from the very first moment and we began to share that magic, with common and new friends that we have been discovering together.

Javier, together with Jesús, have set up a way of understanding flowers and floral arrangements, which inspires and drives me crazy... Simplicity and sophistication, less, it's more, sometimes not... anyway they are always right with me!

Dandelion (Taraxacum officinale, common name dandelion) accompanies us this summer at the hotel, in Cristine’s Garden, where Javier will create his magic…. And I warn you, he is the Copperfield of flowers, so if you want your houses, tables, dinners, or any special event to be "flowery and beautiful" do not hesitate to come to the hotel so that Javier can personally design what I would not call a flower bouquet... but art in its purest form, 100% sustainable and natural.

Cristine Bedfor

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