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Spanish Red Cross poster and person with Cristine Bedfor apron with food.

Cristine Bedfor took a break along the way during the pandemic, like everyone else! They were complicated times that changed our lives and disrupted our plans. But like everything in life, it allowed us to think, stop and move forward in another way; and although our house in Mahón at Infanta Street had not yet opened its doors, the opportunities to help and interact on the island existed.

Together and thanks to the Menorca Preservation Fund, we started a collaboration with the Red Cross that excited and filled us. The local farmers had their products, the wise land does not stop producing, and thanks to the Red Cross and many friendly hands and collaborators, a chain was created so that these perishable products will reach the homes that awaited them with enthusiasm and need.

Our hotel project is much more than a place to sleep. It is a place where commitment to the local world exists, at all levels.

Cristine Bedfor would not exist without this proactive attitude and the Red Cross repeatedly allows us to help. With a serious, forceful, and effective organization, they reach the places where they are needed and our clients have the opportunity and the luck, just like us, to collaborate and help.


This year, in addition to other collaborations with the Red Cross, we repeat one that we love: Collect new toys for all underprivileged children. Last year we were all able to distribute toys to bring hope to the neediest homes on the island. And this year, we intend to overcome it, so let's get to work!

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