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Christian Balle &
Cristine Bedfor 

Christian Balle and Cristine Bedfor holding a dog inside a home.

We met him in Mahón one winter 4 years ago, we were building our future team and we had an interview with Christian. A young local, full of desire, decisive and with many concerns. We always saw potential in him, and that he spoke the same language as us.


Christian Balle, belongs to the Bedfor family, he was born to be a hotelier, he is a retailer, he puts himself in the situation of others, he anticipates the needs of our clients. He always has solutions and always wants to help and improve the experience.

We are all growing together in this path. He loves Menorca, his island, and that makes a big difference. He is young and has a long way to go, but he advances confidently and with a desire to learn, which should never be lacking.

We are a team, he is the most visible face, but behind are many other people who make Cristine Bedfor different, special, welcoming, and under his guidance everything goes well. He has created a team that he trusts and vice versa.


But Cristine Bedfor and Christian Balle are going through it together and both add up and evolve. The final interest of CB is you, to create unforgettable moments, unique and happy experiences, doses of well-being that brighten up your lives, that fill you with energy and tranquility at the same time.


Find an almost magical formula to make your life a little happier, and our happiness is to contribute to that. Christian gets up every morning thinking about what he can do to make that happen, taking care of the detail and taking care of each of our clients as if they were the only one: proposing plans or recommending experiences according to each person, family, couple, or group.


I know that he tries it with the whole team every day, and that his intention is to improve and please. And for that you must be born, and he carries it in his blood.

Clearly the CB squared formula is good, we hope it will last and that the result is your happiness.

Cristine Bedfor

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