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Bodegas Binifadet &
Cristine Bedfor

Binifadet cabecera
As I’ve told you many times, coming to Menorca meant finding and discovering a world brimming with surprises. History, tradition and nature. And that is Binifadet. The Anglés family launched this family-owned business for their friends. But the need to share, something that we clearly have in common, led them to grow and become what they are today.
Marmelada -2

Luis and Patricia, the current heads of this wonderful project, always believed in Cristine Bedfor, and this faith is mutual. We have similar interests: promoting local products and the essence of Menorca, sharing it and helping people understand and learn about that Menorca that we have all fallen in love with. It is a thrilling goal, and the three of us often sit down at the American Bar or the Christine Bedfor Garden to talk about the divine and the human.

We come up with countless ideas and actions, and while some work and others don’t, the important thing is that we share them and support each other, and that’s good for both us and the island.
Binifadet cristina-luis patricia
Binifadet ilustración vegetale
Binifadet racimo vino

I encourage you to visit their vineyard, sample their broad array of wines and stroll through their 12 hectares permeated with Menorca and its products, and then to end the day at their restaurant, savouring any of their amazing dishes.

Cristine Bedfor
Binifadet Foto collage

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