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A story full of art, aesthetics, a special sensitivity,andthe desire to do things, it's never too late,and absolutely hit the target.But life is not all luck... luck is notacoincidence, it is work.

07/23 Cristine Painting in Barbara's tutorial

And Barbara took her passion seriously and professionally. Shestudied Fine Arts in Dublin andbegan restoration, but it was much later when she learned to paint dishes at the Escuela deCarmen Muñoz in Madrid, and as she says they taught her freely, but if it hadn't been like that,she would have been free anyway.


But she not only paints flowers, but she does also not put anything in front of her! We are luckyto haveherin our hotel in one of our rooms where little ants jump through thewall from plateto plate and guide our thoughts to a magical world where Barbara makes everything possible.“LosPlatos dePan”are also in our minibars because it was unthinkable that they weren't all overthe hotel.

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Barbara is, like not a friend, but a friend: funny, exaggerated, vital, enjoyable, she is Barbara, butin the strict sense of the word.We talk and chat many days a week,she encourages me, inspires me, supports me,and puts upwith me, which is no small thing...She has even managed to get meto paint a plate inspired byCristine Bedfor's room 21. She has it hanging on her stairway to heaven, her studio, surroundedby all theplatesshe makes in her alreadyworld-famouslittle tutorial. For me,it is an honor andfor Cristine Bedfor, Barbara has been andwill always beour favoriteartist par excellence.

Cristine Bedfor

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