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Menorca, and more specifically Mahón, has been associated with art and artists for centuries.

Person observing paintings in art gallery.

Today MAHÓN means ART in all senses. On all its streets you’ll encounter a range of galleries and museums which fill the city with different styles and eras:

Archaeology Museum

This museum’s mission is ‘to exhibit, restore, preserve and investigate Menorca’s cultural heritage, which goes from ancient history to the present day’.

This museum is a benchmark in disseminating Menorca’s heritage and cultural landscape, and it has spearheaded major research efforts focusing specifically on the island’s prehistory.

“Paseo de las Esculturas” 
en el Claustro del Museo de Menorca

This museum is housed in an historical building built in the eighteenth century by Menorca’s bourgeoisie, which has now been turned into an art centre. The ceilings and staircase designed by Stefano Cotardi and Giuseppe Petania particularly stand out inside the building. This museum has specialised in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries, especially the period of British rule.

It houses the Hernández Sanz-Hernández Mora collection, which includes a set of maps that are truly invaluable.

de Piers Jackson hasta el 18 de agosto

Ten years ago, Elvira González opened Galería Encant in the heart of Mahón with the goal of connecting artists and buyers and trying to convey the beauty and harmony of authentic creation.

Artists like Piers Jackson , Taheshi Motomiya and Rita Moreno are members of the Encant family. Elvira speaks about them with passion as she explains how they create and produce their works.

This gallery, housed in the former Victoria cinemas built in 1917, came to Mahón in July 2018. Along with the studio of Carlos Cruz-Diez and the Mahón Town Hall, the Galería Crayón presents ‘The Additive Colour’ in the crosswalks in the celebrated street Costa de ses Voltes.

This project, designed by the artist in 2018, just months before his death at the age of 95, is one of Cruz-Diez’s monumental projects.

Color Aditivo / Cruz Díez

After a two-year renovation project, Hauser&Wirth is opening the doors of its gallery on Isla del Rey in the Port of Mahón. Mark Bradford is the artist in charge of this long-awaited opening. Louise Bourgeois, Eduardo Chillida and Franz West, among others, will join the artist in this opening ‘planted’ in the gallery’s outdoor spaces.

‘Spider’ (1994) by Louise Bourgeois Menorca
© The Easton Foundation/DACS. Photo: Daniel Schäfer

‘Elogio del vacío VI’ (2000) by Eduardo Chillida
©Zabalaga Leku. San Sebastián, VEGAP, 2021 Photo: Daniel Schäfer

These sculptures will coexist with the landscape, an eighteenth-century building and a palaeolithic basilica, bringing together the long history that this port has witnessed.

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