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Ángela Vallés &
Cristine bedfor

When I met Àngela, I fell even more in love with Mahón and its peoples. The next day, we met at the doorway of the Teatro Principal of Mahón. I couldn’t exactly imagine what awaited me behind those doors, despite what I had read about this historical building.

Cristine Bedfor and Ángela Vallés at the Teatro Principal de Mahón.

Àngela, who holds a degree in Art History, has been at the helm of this gem since 2016, and she cares for it with love, affection and a great deal of respect. Just as she cares for everyone, actually…

Discovering this piece of Menorca history by her side was a privilege. Going backstage for an instant, and climbing onto the same stage where the young José Carreras, Alfredo Krauss, Aragall and Ainhoa Arteta have sung, all of them lyric opera luminaries, was a total treat.

But the best was sitting in one of the boxes to enjoy a day of opera: the acoustics, the love and the respect exuded in this auditorium transport you to a magical world.


Endless applause for Àngela, because you have managed to maintain and care for the essence of this impressive theatre and fill it with life, musical experiences and a varied range of theatre.

Cristine Bedfor

The Teatro Principal is open to the city, because just like everything, the essence of life and of Cristina Bedfor is sharing. And Àngela knows plenty about that!


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