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Guests who leave their mark: Abe and "Niña Rembrandt" come to Menorca

Years ago, I discovered Abe the Ape while browsing through Instagram and was brought to tears laughing about his stories and the comments. He is a stellar artist, and, in case there’s anyone who hasn’t heard of him by now, he also illustrates dishes (I’m addicted to them). So, it was love at first sight. Plus, the reports on his journeys got me hooked much more than any TV series (I’m addicted to them, too), and so I felt the need to meet him and visit every place he had travelled to.

Abe, Niña Rembrandt and Cristine Bedfor sitting laughing at the camera.

And fate and my beloved friend Bárbara Pan de Soraluce did the rest.

Not only did I meet him, but we became friends, told each other our life stories and shared everything we liked. And that’s how I met Laura Cano, better known as "Niña Rembrandt". I highly recommend following their accounts and work; they could just as easily make a dish as a portrait, or a calendar or wallpaper for a famous décor brand. Because a genius is a genius in all their versions and facets.


They’re my friends and they’re incredible… but honestly, what truly makes them incredible is (and it’s difficult to choose just one thing): LEARNING ABOUT THE WORLD with the trips they plan during the year, after researching and analysing every square inch that they’re going to visit.


The reasons for their trips are outlandish: from crossing paths with Dolly Parton to finding the Loch Ness monster in Scotland, to going to a strongman competition in Alaska or seeking the bluest waters and most special hotels.


And then… one day a few months ago they ended up on Menorca, in our own Cristine Bedfor house, which is theirs, too, unique guests who allowed me to discover another island and yet again shared their discoveries, comments, walks (they walk a lot—neither one has a driving license) with me. Abe, Laura: what’s your resolution for 2022?

Cristine Bedfor

I want to continue discovering sites, places, people and foods with them. Everything. I want to grow with them, because they never stop, and that fills me with energy and wisdom.


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