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This Foundation was co-created by Ben Goldsmith and Estefanía Medina Clement to support local environmental initiatives.

MEP raises funds locally and internationally from individuals and businesses with strong connections to the island. These funds contribute towards local projects within our three main areas of activity, Sea, Land and Energy, in an aim to protect and preserve Menorca's environment and its unique natural beauty.

We firmly believe that supporting and reinforcing local initiatives is the way to make a significant positive impact and help contribute to the sustainable change Menorca needs in order to preserve its spectacular environment.

Cristine Bedfor closely collaborates with the Menorca Preservation in the ambitious project ‘Dream Global, Eat Local’, which promotes sustainable and healthy local produce and consumption on the island. Now more than ever, it is time to support local producers, farmers and fishermen and help promote their wonderful products and connect them with consumers. We believe that this foundation is the ideal place to join forces and achieve our goals:


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