In 1993, Unesco declared Menorca a Biosphere Reserve. The Hotel Cristine Bedfor in Mahón is sustainable in the broad sense of the word. One of our convictions is to ensure today’s needs without compromising those of future generations. For this reason, by taking care of every single detail, we at Cristine Bedfor have made every effort to build a sustainable space.

Cristine Bedfor, a sustainable house. Mahón 11/2020

We want to share with you some of the sustainable hotel practices that Cristine Bedfor has applied in its Guest House in Mahón and encourage you to follow them, because a sustainable future depends on all of us.


Replace your toothbrush with a wooden one.
Did you know that a person uses an average of 300 toothbrushes throughout their lifetime? This means throwing away 5 kilos of plastic per person.


As we’ve already told you, we believe in giving decorative objects a second and even a third life. At the Hotel Cristine Bedfor Menorca, we fix them and refurbish them for their new home and give them a better life. Share our philosophy of reduce, reuse and recycle, and only buy what you need.

Plastic invades the Earth, and calculations predict 500 million tonnes of plastic produced by late 2020. Eliminate plastic bags from your shopping and always carry a fabric bag with you. We offer you a recycled cotton bag, and you choose whether to take it shopping, to the beach or to discover the island’s secrets.

At Cristine Bedfor, we focus on sustainable mobility in Mahón, trips with a minimum environmental impact in order to leave a much smaller carbon footprint. Sustainable mobility isn’t just a fad; we have to communicate it and inculcate it in the new generations. We at Cristine Bedfor encourage you to make this sustainable practice something more: pedal, walk and mingle with the locals by using the public transport on the island of Menorca.


Did you know that every minute 10 million plastic bags are used in the world, and that 70% of them end up in the environment?


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